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              Afrotrade - is Africa's Prime Foreign Products, Equipment & Machinery Catalogue for African Buyers providing an easy access for international companies to reach their prospective buyers/ clients/ partners in Africa, in a very simple, economical but effective way. Read More >>

              Latest News Updates

              East Africa - The most attractive investment spot in the region

              Afrotrade Issue Inaugural at Kenya Trade Fair 2016

              Search Companies seeking agents in Africa

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              Upcoming Events

              EXPOGROUP - Exhibitions in Africa, Middle East, India, Australia &amp; South AmericaAfrotrade will be distributed to trade visitors free of cost at the following Trade Exhibitions:


              10,000 copies of AFRORADE are mailed to senior Government Officials & top buyers to over 18 countries in Africa.
              Major countries include:
              Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Sudan, Uganda, Mozambique, Egypt, Zambia, Gabon, Morocco, Tunis and Djibouti.

              Our free mailing list includes 2800 selected companies from 20 different categories of products and services.

              Afrotrade is distribited as follows:
              3000 Copies : Government Procurement Departments
              4000 Copies : Major Buyers & Importers
              5000 Copies : Visitors at Trade Fairs
              The above includes both printed and CD version. Countries Covered: Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Sudan, Uganda, Mozambique, Egypt, Zambia, Gabon, Morocco, Tunis and Djibouti, South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, Libya, Ivory Coast.


              Business News

              Affordable homes budget doubles to Sh8bn in Uhuru’s last year in office

              Budget estimates tabled in Parliament show that Sh8 billion has been allocated for the affordable units in the year starting July. Treasury has doubled the allocation for construction of....  Read More »

              Posted on : Tuesday , 11th May 2021

              Lighting up Rural Kenya: Energy Agency to Double County Investments

              The Rural and Renewable Energy Corporation (Rerec) is working with county governments to expand electricity coverage in rural areas throughout the country.The company has stated that it would match....  Read More »

              Posted on : Monday , 10th May 2021

              Kenya: Mwatate Traders to Benefit From Sh50 Million Modern Market

              Traders in Mwatate town, Taita Taveta are set to benefit from a Sh 50 million market under construction in partnership between the county government and the World Bank. The project implemented....  Read More »

              Posted on : Friday , 7th May 2021

              More African News >>

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              Advertisers in previous issue:

              • We are fountain specialists. With over 30 years of experience and more than 1000 fountains built in 7 different African countries, Poolspa is the fountain and water feature leader in Africa
              • Apex Steel is amongst Kenya
              • One of the top leading manufacturers of the accessories for aluminium door& window in China
              • We specialize in custom made products to suit the product as well as the target clients.
              • Trade Exhibition
              • Norden brings to you the tested electrical and optical solutions, catering to a wide spectrum of industries - Telecommunication, Building, Industrial and Utilities.
              • Used Machinery
              • This journal goes to producers, buyers, traders and carriers dealing with the food industry products from Ukraine, and neighbor and foreign countries.
              • Trade Winds
              • Beutlich LP, Pharmaceuticals has been offering healthcare professionals unique solutions for pain management and preventative.
              Afrotrade International Marketing
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